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What is CS?

A Company Secretary is the person who is in charge of a company’s administration, including maintaining compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and carrying out the board of directors’ decisions. Company Secretaries hold an authoritative position, which allows for more possibilities and space for ideas and opinions to be expressed. The job profile for a CS would be as Legal Advisor, Corporate Policymaker, Corporate Planner, Chief Administrative Officer, etc. To become a Company Secretary, one has to complete the professional course and pass the exams by ICSI.

ICSI or the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, which is owned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Indian government, is the regulatory body for conducting CS exams in India. Its mission is to promote, regulate, and grow the profession of company secretaries in India.


This is a 3 years professional course equivalent to the undergraduate degree. Although, the course is split into 3 parts- CSEET course which is 8 months long, intermediate or executive course which is 9 months long and, final or professional course which is 15 months long

Anyone aspiring to become a company secretary will have to complete three levels of exams to pursue their career as a CSEET level, executive level, and professional level.

ICSI is a statutory body that is overlooked by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Indian Government.

Recognition and Powers to Company Secretary (CS)
Recognition and Powers to Company Secretary (CS)
Recognition and Powers to Company Secretary (CS)
Recognition and Powers to Company Secretary (CS)
Recognition and Powers to Company Secretary (CS)

Company Secretary is a government recognized course. It is being regulated by the Institute of Company Secretaries in India which is owned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Indian government.

It is a significant professional organization created in 1980 by the Company Secretaries Act of Parliament. ICSI’s operations are overseen by the Government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Yes, anyone who is looking to pursue their career as a CS can do the course along with their graduation. There is no restriction from ICSI regarding the same. The students who have cleared their graduation can directly enter the executive level of CS exams.

Yes, there is no restriction for the course you opted for the bachelor’s degree when applying for CS. Although, it is preferable to choose the graduation program that aligns with the CS program like B. Com or Law courses.

Yes, company secretaries can work in both the public and private sectors. People who have shown their exceptional performance in the exams will surely be employed in government job positions.

CS is an internationally recognized certification. However, you will have to accept the guidelines or pass the tests provided by the respective country. In the case of Indian certification, we have signed a deal with the UK under certain conditions.


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